Starting this mess 

Well what can you say about a blog written by a common video-game player? Not much, specially in the first post of course. You know, I’m a big fan of video games since I was a kid, and now I would like to talk about them.

I dont know if I’m going to get any feedback or anything. But the hell with that!!

I’ll be reviewing the video games I’ll be playing. Old ones, new ones, abandonwares, and other diluted pieces of crap.

Let me clarify that english is not my native language, but I think it’s better to reach bigger masses. Hope this doesn’t become my nemesis!

I’m currently playing Command & Conquer 4 on PC, wich has been called “The worse C&C game ever”, or as some others like to say “A piece of shit”.

Well, guess what, I’m such a big fan of C&C and RTS games that I’m playing it. And guess what!! I fucking like it.

Yes, you heard me mother fuckers. And I have my reasons. As you can see, I’m not a C&C purist, so you might get to see a lot of stuff that you haven’t read about in C&C forums.

But let’s keep the suspense for the next post. This time, I’ll just stay watching my empty comments box for a day or two and finally realize “Damn, no one got here yet”.